Vicky Lee

United Kingdom

Vicky Lee is a M-to-F Transgender author and club owner. Before the internet and the word “transgendered” was conceived, Vicky Lee published a printed guide to the worlds shops, services & places to go for TG people. For over 12 years, this series of guides gave many the tools and contacts to find their way-out of the closet. As the founder of The WayOut Club in London (UK) in 1993 Vicky also set an unsurpassed standard for a weekly transgender club. Vicky has been at the club virtually every week since that first week and has met 1000s who have visited her at the club over the years, many for their first “out in public” experience. Vicky and her club were both acknowledged with internationally voted 'TG Awards' at the largest gathering of TG people (in a public space) at Sparkle in Manchester (UK) in 2008.


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