Throughout the history of transgenderism, transgender, transsexual, and crossdressing men & women have had to march, protest, petition, and fight for their equal rights... the same rights that everyone else takes for granted. Due to ignorance, intolerance, and other transphobic beliefs and behaviors towards the transgender community, transgender, transsexual, and crossdressing men & women have had to fight for their right to get married, adopt or gain custody of children, work at a job without being discriminated against, get the same medical treatment as everyone else, and to even be able to patronize certain establishments. Though the transgender community has come a long way in obtaining their equal rights in recent years, it hasn't been easy, and there is still a long way to go.

 Washington D.C. March

 1966 Compton Cafeteria Picket

 A transgender rights rally in Boston, Massachusetts



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