Below is a brief timeline outlining some important dates in transgender modeling & pageants:

Transgender beauty queen, Jenna Talackova,  competes in the 2010 Miss International Queen pageant for transgender and transsexual women in Thailand.  

The 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition was accused of discrimination after disqualifying a transgender contestant, Jenna Talackova (Jana Talackov√°), for not being a "naturally born female". A spokesperson from Miss Universe Canada released a statement saying she was disqualified because on her entry form she stated she was born a female, which was not the case. Upon being allowed back into the pagent, Talackove made it into the top 12 finalists.  

Male-To-Female transgender woman, Kelly Newman of Sussex, England, wins the 2012 Miss Sparkle Pageant held in Manchester, England in July.


Male-To-Female transgender woman, Joy Fairchild of Devon, England, wins the 2012 Miss Golden Sparkle Pageant held in Manchester, England in July.  

Candy Magazine (fashion magazine for transvestites, transgenders, & transsexuals) receives some controversy over their cover of their 5th issue, published in December 2012. The cover features transgender model, Connie Flemming, dressed & posing as Michelle Obama while taking an oath of office. 

On January 12th, 2013, Kylan Arianna Wenzel becomes the first ever transgender woman to ever compete in the Miss California USA pageant.  

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