Miss International Queen is the world's most prestigious and largest beauty pageant for transgender women from all around the world. It has been held annually in Pattaya City, Thailand since 2004.

The contestants must have been born male, can be pre- or post-operation and be between the age of 18 to 36. They can only represent their country of birth or that listed in their passport. All contestants are required to stay together for a week and participate in activities: Photo Shoots, luncheons with Pattaya City's officials, dinners with the press, visit sponsors and community outreach, similar conditions to competitors in the female beauty pageant. The pageant is organized by Tiffany's Show Pattaya Co. Ltd. and sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Some of the pageant objectives include: creating transgender rights awareness among international communities, raising funds, which are donated to Thailand's Royal AIDS foundation, to build friendship, sportsmanship and exchange ideas between international LGBT communities.

The winner receives a prize of $12,500 in cash, an apartment at Woodland Hotel and Resort in Pattaya City for a year and other prizes from sponsors.

The Official Miss International Queen Crown re-designed in 2010 was inspired by butterflies. as well as representing beauty in nature, butterflies are a symbol of rebirth. The dramatic vertical spears from the previous crown design, reminiscent of the crown on the Statue of Liberty, have been integrated into this new design. Together, these design elements have resulted in a beautiful, fitting crown for the Miss International Queen. Valued at US$15,000, the crown remains with the Miss International Queen Organization and will be used for the annual crowning of the Miss International Queen pageant winner. Each newly crowned winner will be awarded a rhinestone crown.  


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