Based out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, the International Transgender Historical Society (ITHS) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 by Nationally Syndicated Transgender & Transsexual Issues Columnist, Tamera Elizabeth Reed.

The mission of the ITHS is to document and preserve the history of transgender, transsexual and crossdressing men and women, and to honor all the major accomplishments and contributions that transgender men and women have made in both the transgender community and in society in general.

One of the goals of the ITHS is to help educate transgender children by showing them that there are many positive role models in the transgender community for them to look up to.

“I want to show younger kids who may be struggling with their gender identity that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that other Transgender men and women have gone on to achieve great things in life, regardless of roadblocks that have been thrown in their way. I also want to show the youth that there are some very positive role models in the Transgender community for them to look up to... Through the I.T.H.S., I can do this!”

- Tamera Elizabeth Reed, I.T.H.S. Founder & President.

The ITHS is made up of an international Board of Directors who act as consultants for their respective countries or regions. Each year the ITHS Board of Directors choose up to 15 nominees to be officially inducted into the ITHS Transgender Hall of Fame. The ITHS Transgender Hall of Fame was set up as a way to honor those who have made major contributions to the Transgender community in order to further Transgender equality, as well as to those who have accomplished major success in their personal or professional lives, despite whatever hurdles they have had to overcome in the form of discrimination. The Hall of Fame is also another way to help educate people, in and out of the transgender community, on the major accomplishments that transgender people have made in society. 

Much like transgender equality itself, the International Transgender Historical Society has a long way to go in achieving it’s goals. The ITHS continues to grow, and content is added to the website on a regular basis. The long-term goal of the ITHS is to one day establish a physical museum of transgender history, in order to further educate society


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