For decades, there have been countless magazines that have been published, geared towards transgender lifestyles. In addition, there have been numerous notable transgender men & women who have published their own memoirs on their life as a transgender man or women.

Below is a brief timeline outlining some important dates in transgender publications:

In 1865 Sarah Emma Edmonds, who served in the Union army disguised as Franklin Thompson, publishes her version of her service as a Nurse and Spy. 

In 1896 during the Victorian period, cross-dressing is featured in various publications.  

Earl Lind (AKA Jennie June) publishes “Autobiography of an Androgyne” in 1918. Lind's memoirs provide rare first-person testimony about the early-20th-century life of a transgender person. The words "transsexual" and "transgender" had not yet been coined, and Lind described himself as a "fairie" or "androgyne", an individual, he said, "with male genitals", but whose "psychical constitution" and sexual life "approach the female type". 

Earl Lind (AKA Jennie June) publishes his second book, “The Female Impersonators” in 1922. Much like his first book, “Autobiography of an Androgyne,”Lind's memoirs provide rare first-person testimony about the early-20th-century life of a transgender person. In 2010 five sections of his third volume of memoirs (dated 1921 but never published), previously lost, were discovered and published on  

The “Encyclopeadia of Sexual Knowledge” is published in 1930 by Norman Haire. The book addresses transvestism in detail, as well as illustrating the First Sex-change procedures.  

“Man Into Woman," The life story of male-to female transgender Lili Elbe, is Published in 1932. 

Female to Male Transsexual, Colonel Sir Victor Barker, sells his story to the popular press on three separate ocasions. 

A Comic book with a trans theme called “Transformations” is published in America on July 7th, 1953. 

Harry Benjamin publishes “The Transsexual Phenomenon” in 1966. 

In 1974 Jan Morris, one of Britain's top journalists, publishes “Conundrum,” a personal account of her transition. The book is now considered a classic. 

Brittish transgender model & actress, Caroline "Tula" Cossey, published her autobiography, "My Story", in 1992. 

British transgender woman, Julia Grant, publishes her book, "Just Julia" in 1994. The book Chronicles Julia's process through her transformation. 

Trans activist, Leslie Feinberg, publishes “Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman” in 1997. The book is a virtual who's who of transgender people throughout world history, and traces the roots of transgender oppression. 

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