Gina Lance


United States

Gina Lance is a male-to-female transgender model, speaker, activist, producer and publisher. In 1997 she produced and co-hosted TVTV for Century Cable in Los Angeles. In 1998 she released Hollywood TV’s 1999, a “retro” pin-up calendar through her company Calendar Girl. In 1999, Gina premiered GIRL TALK Magazine, which became the Number #1 Transgendered print periodical in the U.S. and a dozen other countries.

Gina has been featured on MSNBC’s documentary “The Secret Closet,” ABC’s “Philly After Midnight”, MTV, Showtime, HBO, E Channel, FOX and NBC’s “To Tell The Truth,” along with hundreds of radio interviews from London to New Zealand and across North America .

Ms. Lance has also been keynote speaker at TG conventions such as Atlanta’s Southern Comfort Conference, Arizona’s Puttin’ On The Glitz and Arkansas’ Eureka En Femme Getaway, and has participated in a West Hollywood, CA "Transgenders in the Media” televised town hall.

In 2008 Gina was keynote speaker once again at Atlanta’s Southern Comfort Conference and for the first time at the Fall Harvest Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. She also became a spokesperson for the Breastform Store and Suddenly Fem clothing, and produced numerous TG videos for the Internet.

Gina Lance is currently the Editor-in-Chief of TG LIFE, the Premier Internet Transgendered News/Entertainment Interactive Website and the author of GET DRESSED! Breaking Out of the Crossdressing Closet. 

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