The International Transgender Historical Society Board of Directors are made up of the following professional individuals from around the globe: 

Tamera Elizabeth Reed

Founder / President

-Board Member Since 2007-

Tammy Reed is a Nationally Syndicated Transgender and Transsexual Issues Columnist, as well as the founder of T-Girl Publishing, the International Transgender Historical Society, the Bay Area Transgender Society, the I.T.H.S. Transgender Hall of Fame, and  Translove

Vicky Lee

United Kingdom Consultant

-Board Member Since 2012-

Before the internet and the word “transgendered” was conceived, Vicky Lee published a printed guide to the worlds shops, services & places to go for TG people. For over 12 years, this series of guides gave many the tools and contacts to find their way-out of the closet. As the founder of The WayOut Club in London (UK) in 1993, Vicky also set an unsurpassed standard for a weekly transgender club. Vicky has met 1000's who have visited her at the club over the years, many for their first “out in public” experience. Vicky and her club were both acknowledged with internationally voted TG Awards at the largest gathering of TG people (in a public space) at Sparkle in Manchester (UK) in 2008. Much more can be discovered at her web sites and 

Michelle Diamond

Australian Consultant

-Board Member Since 2012-

Aside from being a strong activist and campaigner for the Trans community, Michelle Diamond is also the President of Freedom! Gender, a support group for Transgender diverse people in Queensland Australia. Diamond has made appearances in magazines and on national radio as well.  

Angie An Qi Ng 

Malaysian Consultant

-Board Member Since 2012-

Angie An Qi Ng is a make-over artist for a very well known cross-dressing Studio in Malaysia. For well over a decade, Angie has been responsible for transforming ordinary men into beautiful, picture perfect women.

To learn more about Angie AnQi Ng, go to: 

Stephanie Danderson 

Western United States Consultant

-Board Member Since 2012-

Stephanie Danderson resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where she is an aesthetician,  a make over transformation artist, and an author. With over 20 yrs experiance behind her, Stephanie works in mainstream film, fetish, as well as transforming men into beautiful women. Stephanie also emcees several Vegas shows as well.

For more information on Stephanie go to:

Sandra Vincent Richard 

Eastern United States Consultant

-Board Member Since 2012-

Sandra Vincent Richard is a Long-time feminist and supporter of LGBTQ rights, She has a transgender (MtoF) daughter, and is the Associate Producer on a new documentary film project called "TransJourney," which is a film journey about gender confirmation and acceptance. The documentary explores how 3 women's relationships (Sandra's, her daughter's and another mutual friend who is also transgender) are connected and made stronger, because of each other. 

Ami Nicole Mansell

Northern United States Consultant

-Board Member Since 2012-

Ami Nicole Mansell is the Chairwoman & President of the Gender-identity Network Alliance (GNA) which provides support services, advocacy, referrals/resources, and a welcoming environment where all can be their authentic, organic, genuine selves.

Mansell is also the head of Transgender Detroit, a 501 C 3 Non-Profit organization that provides support services, sensitivity training, advocacy, and seeks legislative change for Transgender & Transsexual people.



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