Bella Jay

United Kingdom

Bella Jay is editor of TV Repartee (first published by Martine Rose in September 1989) Bella Jay took over the Rose’s Shopping Service, running it independently as Blue Moon. In 1998 she started working in partnership with Martine, firstly looking after Rose’s Club and its members and then increasingly becoming more involved with the production of Repartee magazine itself. By 2000 she had taken responsibility for the job of Editor (from Martine who was looking for more spare time in her retirement). She also does some of the photography for the magazine and write the occasional article and feature too. Under her 14 years of editorship Repartee magazine grew rapidly into the leading magazine for cross-dressers in the UK. Bella has recently taken the magazine through the process of becoming both a printed and “online” magazine and looks forward to the new opportunities that the “online” system provides.

In 2004 Bella was also co founder of ‘Sparkle’, The annual National Transgender Celebration in Manchester. ‘Sparkle’ is now the World's largest TG celebration (out and proud in public) bringing well over 3000 Transgender girls and their freinds to enjoy a 3 day weekend of meals, parties and events, plus workshops, talks, help and support. The highlight of the weekend is ‘Sparkle in the Park’, featuring live music on stage, sales and info stands, bar and catering facilities. This event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the UK, and the World. For more information and the diary of events see

Bella as Event Director and Chair Of Trustees over ten years took the event through the process of charitable status. She lead the 10th Anniversary of the event in 2014 before standing down from the event to bring up her children. 

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